May 22, 2008

Not The Usual Schools.

These aren’t one of those schools we come across every other day. These are the most unusual schools from all over the world.

An Open Air School:

Not The Usual Schools (18) 1An open-air school which has two teachers, 75 students & functions seven days a week. This school is not an open-air school by choice but by necessity.
Senegal School:

Not The Usual Schools (18) 2(Image: Credit).
Classroom in a Bedick village near Kedougou, Senegal.

The World's Smallest School:

The World's Smallest SchoolThe world's smallest school, an elementary school in Dasu village, has just one teacher & one student.

Not The Usual Schools (18) 3
Not The Usual Schools (18) 4
Not The Usual Schools (18) 5
Not The Usual Schools (18) 6This village primary school is located on the banks of a river. It has 52 students & out of these 52 students, 18 stay across the river. There is no bridge; only two cables that are the only means to travel across the river, so these students have to use these wire cables every morning to go to their school & later to reach back home.

Not The Usual Schools (18) 7
Not The Usual Schools (18) 8This is Dongzhong primary school at a Miao village, Asia, where the students have to travel over the mountains to the cave to learn everyday.

Not The Usual Schools (18) 9
Not The Usual Schools (18) 10
Not The Usual Schools (18) 11A school from Asia.

Floating school:

Not The Usual Schools (18) 12
Not The Usual Schools (18) 13(Image credit: Antonogurl).
Halong bay with a community of around 1600 people live in four fishing villages. They live on floating houses & are sustaining by fishing & marine aquaculture. This is one of the floating schools of the floating fishing village.

Not The Usual Schools (18) 14(Image credit: Unknown).
A computer room in a village's primary school from Asia. These schools are situated in remote mountainous areas, with no budget, no proper infrastructure & a computer is a luxury which cant be afforded by them. But they do have hope & came up with an indigenous computer systems using a regular TV, RAM, keyboard cassette & other stuff.

School transportation:

Not The Usual Schools (18) 15(Image: Credit).

Not The Usual Schools (18) 16(Image: Credit).

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