May 21, 2008

Creativity With Currency.

Creativity With Currency.

Collection of ‘Creativity With Currency’ from all over the world.

Ads using currency to emphasize 'Investment in real estate', simple & cool.

Ads using currency (9) 1
Ads using currency (9) 2
Ads using currency (9) 3
Ads from the advertisement - Gazeta Mercantil newspaper: Understand the real value of money.

Ads using currency (9) 4Dollar.

Ads using currency (9) 5Yen.

Ads using currency (9) 6Euro.

Another set of ads which again uses the currency notes beautifully to send its message.

Ads using currency (9) 7
Ads using currency (9) 6
Ads using currency (9) 9
Dress Made With $100,000 Dollars.

Dress Made With $100,000 DollarsThis dress worth £50,000 ($100,000) was made from sterling pound notes.

Ceiling made of currency notes:

Ceiling made of currency notes
walls made of currency notesThis would be the world's most expensive wallpaper! Over $500,000 has been added to the walls & ceilings of this Irish pub. All of this started with the first waitress who stapled her first tip to the wall. It has grown since then. And the best part is that all these dollar bills are artistically stuck on the walls & ceiling.

Ceiling & wall made of currency notes (Image credit: Kanyeuniversecity).
This is the result of thirty years of putting currency notes on the walls, dollar bill by dollar bill & there is over $750,000 in singles on the walls & the ceiling.

Art with money: Some say money can't buy 'everything', but you need money to buy everything, which very well includes the work of art too. Though it may be rare now to find an artist who creates work of art for the sake of art without involvement of monetary variable in it. But what if the medium of art itself is 'money'. - Gallery.

Artwork using currency notes:

Artwork using currency notes (9) 1
Artwork using currency notes (9) 2
Illusions created using currency notes:

Illusion created using currency notes (11) 6

Illusion created using currency notes (11) 7
Origami with bills:

Origami with bills (6) 1
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