May 16, 2008



A perfect place to spend weekend in leisure, some of these look old & some are modern. And it all depends where & what type of a houseboat you choose. Though most of these are equipped with the things one needs to be comfortable. These include fridge, oven, TV, DVD player, CD, Cassette player, FM radio, & various other things.

Houseboats (12) 1
Houseboats (12) 2
Houseboats (12) 3
Houseboats (12) 4(Image : Credit).

Houseboats (12) 5
Houseboats (12) 6
Houseboats (12) 7
Houseboats (12) 8(Image credit: Luxuryhouseboats).

Houseboats (12) 9(Image: Credit).

Houseboats (12) 10(Image: Credit).

Houseboats (12) 11
Houseboats (12) 12(Image: Credit).

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