May 28, 2008

Colorful Dogs.

If you are among those dog owners who aren't happy with your dog's looks anymore, then perhaps this might be of some help. But don't be among those who treat their pets as a style statement & feel compelled to dye them just because the pets don't match their car or the outfit. It all depends on how you want your dog to look, after all your dog trusts you the most. Some suggest dogs have no feeling how they look & all it matters to them is attention, smiling & petting they get. Those dogs that like attention & smiles get it all the way after getting dyed. While some prefer using it when the dog's fur turns gray. But at the end of the day it's great, as long as it is safe & you are happy with it.

 Colorful Dogs (16) 1(Image: Credit).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 2(Image credit: Raycaspio).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 3(Image: Credit).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 4(Image credit: Jillbeninato).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 5(Image: Credit).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 6(Image: Credit).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 7(Image credit: Eepie).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 8(Image credit: Lainieontheroad).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 9(Image credit: Zoomzoom).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 10(Image: Credit).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 11(Image: Credit).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 12 (Image: Credit).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 15(Image: Credit).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 16(Image: Credit).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 14(Image: Credit).

 Colorful Dogs (16) 13(Image: Credit).

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