May 30, 2008

Creativity With Dust.

What would you do if you come across dust? Majority of the people would go for vacuuming & that's it. But here we have a few artists who have created beautiful works of art using dust.

Dust Houses: When Maria Adelaida Lopez moved to Philadelphia to do a Master's degree in art school, she cleaned houses to support herself through the art school. This is her series of 'Dust Houses' that are doll houses & are covered over in vacuum cleaner lint. At present she is an artist & educator in Miami, no longer cleans houses for others.

Dust House (4) 1
Dust House (4) 22
Dust House (4) 3
Dust House (4)
Dust Art: Scott creates temporary works of art on the back window of his Mini Cooper when the dust gets thick & it forms a canvas for him.

Dust Art (4) 1
Dust Art (4) 2
Dust Art (4) 3
Dust Art (4) 4Here is the rest of the gallery.

A Life Of Painting With Dust: Paul Chisholm collects dust & creates extraordinary paintings, based on specks of dust. Using a hi-tech microscope he uncovers the hidden intricacies of his collected samples & then paints the abstracted, enlarged form.

A life of painting with dust
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