May 9, 2008

Creativity With Banana.

Here is a cool collection ‘Banana Creations’ from around the world.

A Banana wall:

Banana wall (2) 1
Banana wall (2) 2This is work of Stefan Sagmeister's displayed at Deitch in NY from January 31 to February 23. The bananas you see here are real, all 7,200 of them on a huge wall.

Banana Museum:

Banana Museum (5) 1
Banana Museum (5) 2
Banana Museum (5) 3The world's largest Banana Museum displaying thousands of banana products in America since 1976. The Banana Museum has been featured on 94 Television Shows around the world, in all major newspapers around the world & also several dozen national magazines.

Banana Museum (5) 4
Banana Museum (5) 5(Image credit: unknown).

Banana Art:

Banana art (2) 1
Top Banana art (2) 2Just in case if you want to see the whole stuff here is the gallery.

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