May 1, 2008

Creativity With Matchsticks.

Creativity With Matchsticks.

This incredible work of art is created using wooden matchsticks by Patrick Acton an artist from Iowa. His work was seen on ABC's Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, Home & Garden TV, Public Television, & High Definition TV. Apart from this its also featured in magazines such as Highlights for Children, Reminisce, AAA Travel, & other. Since 1977 Acton has used 3 million matchsticks to build large detailed models. This is an upcoming project & is expected to be completed by the end of 2009 - The Great White City.

Creativity With Matchsticks (11) 1
Creativity With Matchsticks (11) 2
Creativity With Matchsticks (11) 3
Here we have a full-scale replica of a Mercedes F1 car built over a period of 6 years using 956,000 matchsticks, 1686 tubes of glue with a cost of around 6000 Euros by Michael Arndt.

Creativity With Matchsticks (11) 4
Creativity With Matchsticks (11) 5
Here we have one-of-a- kind 1984 ukulele made entirely from used wooden matchsticks. About 10,000 matchsticks, 2 lbs of glue & four hundred hours of work created this unique piece.

Creativity With Matchsticks (11) 6

is another one of Artist Patrick Acton's creativity - Hogwarts School. Using 602,000 matchsticks held together with 15 gallons of carpenter's wood glue. It took him nearly three years to complete this masterpiece.

Matchstick Marvel of Harry Potter's Hogwarts
The Sydney Harbor Bridge re-created using matchsticks.

ydney Harbor Bridge re-created using matchsticks (2) 1
Sydney Harbor Bridge re-created using matchsticks (2)

Here is a house made of matches.

A model of Eiffel Tower made from matchsticks, the height of the structure is 3,3 ft (1 meter) & it consist of 15000 different details made from 7464 matches.

Eiffel Tower made from matchsticks (4) 1
Eiffel Tower made from matchsticks (4) 2
Eiffel Tower made from matchsticks (4) 3
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