May 24, 2008

When Cars Have To Confront.

When Cars Have To Confront.

So what would be the result when cars have to confront various things like trees, trucks, water, mud or snow? Here are a few photos that clearly shows what the results are:

When Cars Have To Confront Trees:

 Cars Have To Confront Trees (8) 1
 Cars Have To Confront Trees (8) 2
 Cars Have To Confront Trees (8) 3(Image: Credit).

Here we have a Jeep confronting a tree: This set of photos reminds of the movie Final Destination. These guys in one of the Jeep went past a fallen tree & a branch actually went through the seat of the driver.

Jeep (9) 1
Jeep (9) 2
Jeep (9) 4
Jeep (9) 3
Jeep (9) 5
Cars Confronting Trucks: When it comes to cars confronting trucks, only one thing can be said, & only one thing can be done, avoid them & get away from their path if they are coming into you.

Cars Confronting Trucks (3) 1
Cars Confronting Trucks (3) 2
Cars Confronting Trucks (3) 3(Image: Credit).

What would you do if your car gets into mud or sand or for that matter in snow or in water? It wouldn't make much of a difference at times, whether its a car, or a jeep or for that matter a truck with the best of engineering, it wont come out of these situations easily. Though its understandable that four-wheelers & bigger vehicles have a better chance of overcoming from such things but that's not always. We do have a few images of four-wheelers too. Look at these cars, jeeps, & trucks giving their best in water, snow, mud & sand.

Cars Confronting Water:

Cars Confronting Water (3) 1
Cars Confronting Water (3) 2
Cars Confronting Water (3) 3Here have a look at the gallery.

Cars Confronting Snow:

Cars Confronting Snow (3)  1
Cars Confronting Snow (3) 2
Cars Confronting Snow (3) 3Here is the gallery.

Cars Confronting Mud:

Cars Confronting Mud (9) 1
Cars Confronting Mud (9) 2
Cars Confronting Mud (9) 3
Cars Confronting Mud (9) 4
Cars Confronting Mud (9) 5
Cars Confronting Mud (9) 6(Image: Credit).

Cars Confronting Mud (9) 7
Cars Confronting Mud (9) 8
Cars Confronting Mud (9) 9Here is the gallery.

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