May 13, 2008

Interesting Car Bridge.

Interesting Car Bridge.

This bridge doesn't look like the one which people would use out of necessity to get to the other side. It looks more like one created for some competition or a part of movie set. Though the photos aren't that clear; which leaves many questions unanswered, like the type of tyres used or any other details. One thing can be made out from these photos, we can see a square metal pipe over the tyre & the bridge wire / pipe which must be some sort of safety measure. No details are known as of now about the location of the bridge, or who the driver was, & what was the purpose of the drive over the bridge?

Interesting Car Bridge (6) 1
Interesting Car Bridge (6) 2
Interesting Car Bridge (6) 3
Interesting Car Bridge (6) 4
Interesting Car Bridge (6) 5
Interesting Car Bridge (6) 6Thanks Neil!

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