May 7, 2008

The Gold Porsche.

The Gold Porsche.

The Gold Porsche, created by a company Visualis in Germany & car of choice was a Boxster (since its Porsche's smallest model). It's made out of 22 carat gold at the hands of artists rather than those working in the factory. Piece by piece, the manual work created a real one-of-a-kind as never seen before car. No part was left untouched. All the controls, steering wheel, doorknobs down to the car's body & alloy wheels were transformed to gold. These cars aren't made just for art galleries only, they are meant for some very wealthy owners.

The Gold Porsche (8) 1
The Gold Porsche (8) 2
The Gold Porsche (8) 4
The Gold Porsche (8) 3
Here is another one:

The Gold Porsche (8) 5
The Gold Porsche (8) 6
The Gold Porsche (8) 7
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