Apr 4, 2008

World Of Chocolate.

Here is a cool collection ‘Chocolate Creations’ from around the world.

World's Largest  Chocolate FountainWorld's Largest Chocolate Fountain - At 27-feet tall, this chocolate fountain created by Jean-Philippe Maury is the world's largest. The fountain is filled with 2100 pounds of dark, milk & white chocolate.

World's Biggest  Chocolate HeartWorld's Biggest Chocolate Heart - This 7-metric-ton chocolate heart that was designed by artist Lluis Morera, produced by Spain's largest chocolate manufacturer (Chocovic) & other.

World's Biggest EastereggWorld's Biggest Easteregg - It measured 8.32 meters high & at least 50.000 bars made the chocolate & it was made by Belgian chocolate producer Guylian.

world's largest chocolate bar (2) 1
world's largest chocolate bar (2) 2Nestle made world's largest chocolate bar weighing 2.67 tons.

Chocolate Wii Controller Chocolate Wii Controller.

Chocolate Dress (9)  3
Chocolate Dress (9)  5Chocolate Dress - All the outfits are edible & are made with chocolate.

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