Apr 17, 2008

Remote Control Hummer.

The "ultimate boy toy" a unique vehicle is like something out of James Bond. It's the work of James Brighton from Britain's Cranfield University who has transformed a full-size Hummer H3 into a remote controlled toy. And what's more impressive is that the car can climb a 16-inch vertical wall & work in up to two feet of water.
The England's Sun tabloid did a test drive & journalist driver lost control over the vehicle which is worth £34,000 or $68,000 (USD). Then again these are the toys of super-rich who have enough land to race one around on & buy another one just in case.

Remote Control Hummer (4) 1
Remote Control Hummer (4) 2
Remote Control Hummer (4) 3
Remote Control Hummer (4) 4(Image: Credit).

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