Apr 2, 2008

Paper Cars, Planes & Boats.

Here are a few 'Paper Cars, Planes & Boats' that really appealed to us, though these ran into hundreds & thousands, but we tried our best to present some of the best.

Paper Cars:

Paper Cars (7) 1Mini Cooper (2001 Model).

Paper Cars (7) 2Honda Accord Wagon (1991).

Paper Cars (7) 3Honda Accord 4door Sedan (1985).

Paper Cars (7) 4Alfa (156) Sport Wagon.

Paper Cars (7) 5Honda Fit ( 2007 : 2nd Generation).

Paper Cars (7) 6Volkswagen Lupo.

Paper Cars (7) 7Peugeot 307.

Paper Boats:

Paper Boats (3) 1(Image: Credit).
This paper boat has HTML codes on it.

Paper Boats (3) 2(Image credit: Worldofstock).

Paper Boats (3) 3(Image credit: Moonmaid).

Paper Planes:

Paper Planes (3) 1
Paper Planes (3) 2
Paper Planes (3) 3

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