Apr 7, 2008

Most Interesting Illusions.

Here is a cool collection of ‘Most Interesting Illusions’ from around the world.

optical illusionSquares A & B are the same shades. This optical illusion was created by Edward H. Adelson, Professor of Vision Science at MIT.

word optica illusions in advertising (3) 1
word optica illusions in advertising (3) 2
word optica illusions in advertising (3) 3Winner of 2 gold & 1 silver award at the 2004 Clio awards, these ads used combined words to make images.

illusion of pillarsSo what do you make out of this one? Hint: see the shape in between the pillars.

window with illusionIs this window seen from above or seen from below?

illusion with wallAre they walking on the wall?

illusion with linesIs she wearing spectacles?

illusion with aircraftsHere is another great optical illusion photo of a Lufthansa 747-400 & a United Airlines 757-200 which were on simultaneous approaches to runways 28L & 28R at San Francisco. As per the separation requirement for flying parallel & simultaneous approaches is 225 meters (738 feet). But due to the fact that Lufthansa 747 being three times larger than the 757 plane & being slightly behind the other plane created this incredible optical illusion but as a matter of fact these two aircraft were at a safe distance while approaching.

Double words illusions:

Double words illusions (4) 1When you see the image of love in mirror its changed into something opposite.

Double words illusions (4) 2The word reflection of "Teach" is "Learn".

Double words illusions (4) 3Yellow area reads as "Optical" while the colored area reads as "Illusion".

Double words illusions (4) 4Brown area reads as "Me" while the colored area read as "You".

Print Ads Using Illusions 2 Print Ads Using Illusions.

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