Apr 13, 2008

Mixed Links & Images - 3.

Mixed Links & Images - 3.

Here is a collection ‘Mixed Links and Images - 3’ from around the world.

party (3) 1
party (3) 2
party (3) 3(Image source: Unknown)
Looks like a party to us, any idea?

Fork-ArtFor many, fork is just a fork, but Matthew Bartik has taken it one-step further & made it into a work of art - Fork-Art

Motorola fan actually wears a cell phone as an earringMotorola fan actually wears a cell phone as an earring.

looking like 'PandasAren't these looking like 'Pandas'?

Surprises - HousesSurprises - Houses: Alan's site is his humorous take on the everyday, ordinary things with a collection of over 1,000 interesting photos as Alan, 93, walks every street in 277 suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

Phone Lambs (4) 1
Phone Lambs (4) 2
Phone Lambs (4) 3
Phone Lambs (4) 4Here are a few images of 'Phone Lambs' that creatively shows what can be done with lots of cable & used phones. These are really something creative & appreciable, though there is no information available about the artist who has created it.

ice all around the house
not natures work
it was a broken pipe
amazing frozen buildingThese are the photos of a building in a street in Moscow, during February 2006. This is not the work of nature but it's the result of a broken pipe. It's really amazing that a broken pipe can cause this. The guy, who took these photos, tried to take some more photos of the inside but couldn't, after reaching the 4th floor it wasn't possible for him to move on further.

Hyenas as pet (4) 1
Hyenas as pet (4) 2
Hyenas as pet (4) 3
Hyenas as pet (4) 4Hyenas aren't the pets anyone would like to have around, here are a few who took them as pets & as a matter of fact from these photos we can make out that there even exists a close bond in between them. Many more photos can be seen at Pieter Hugo's site.

Load Of Cash 5
 Load Of Cash 1
 Load Of Cash 2
 Load Of Cash 3
 Load Of Cash 7
 Load Of Cash 4
 Load Of Cash 6These images are of the cash found in a house in Mexico. The cash was mostly in U.S. $100 bills & weighed at least 4,500 pounds & amounted to more than $200 million in U.S. currency.

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