Apr 22, 2008

'Interesting Images' By Roberts Birze.

'Interesting Images' By Roberts Birze.

Many people assume that only one photograph is used for creating these images along with the selection tool in photoshop to make smaller selections & paste them together to form the image. But that's not how it works always. Though the technique is very simple but it takes time, all it needs is planning & ability to visualize the scene (now this is a not an easy part).
Take many photos of the scene you have in mind & do remember that each of the photo overlaps the other. Using a photo editing software that allows use of layers, you need to create a large new canvas and then cut & paste each image onto a new layer. Further on, its up to you how to take it from there.

Interesting Images (6) 1
Interesting Images (6) 2
Interesting Images (6) 4
Interesting Images (6) 3
Interesting Images (6) 5Source: Roberts Birze.

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