Apr 28, 2008

Creativity With Wool.

We have seen art with dirt, stone, spoon, banana, bottle cap, cube, vegetable, paper, ……………………., it's a very long list we believe. Now we have another one of these interesting ones - 'Creativity with Wool'. We have here figures, sculptures & food made from wool.

Wool Sculpture: This innovative work in felted wool is the creation of sculptor Stephanie Metz.

Creativity With Wool (17) 1(Image credit: completeall).
Creativity With Wool (17) 2Creativity With Wool (17) 3Creativity With Wool (17) 4Creativity With Wool (17) 5Creativity With Wool (17) 6Creativity With Wool (17) 7 Wool Art :

Creativity With Wool (17) 8Creativity With Wool (17) 9Creativity With Wool (17) 10Creativity With Wool (17) 11Creativity With Wool (17) 12And here are some cool looking knitted food.

Creativity With Wool (17) 13
Creativity With Wool (17) 14
Creativity With Wool (17) 15
Creativity With Wool (17) 16
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