Apr 5, 2008

Car Gone For Swim.

Its looks like these cars just wanted to go for a swim, may be the owners of these cars didn't keep them clean or perhaps they just needed some exercise. Its quite a view of watching cars in swimmingpools but it may not be so for the owners of these vehicles who need to pay for the car repair!

Car Gone For Swim (7) 1(Image: Credit).

Car Gone For Swim (7) 2(Image credit: Mdtinternet).

Car Gone For Swim (7) 3
Car Gone For Swim (7) 4
Car Gone For Swim (7) 5
Though this one was a planned one for Top Gear by J. Clarkson.

Car Gone For Swim (7) 6
Car Gone For Swim (7) 7(Image: Credit).

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