Apr 16, 2008

Didn't Knew These Places Were So Beautiful.

Update: Didn't Knew These Places Were So Beautiful; Perhaps the title should be 'If only these places were so beautiful'. Its beyond any doubt now that few of these images aren't from India. This has been conveyed to us by many of our readers and it turned out to be true, when we ourselves verified the facts. Though this still leaves some unanswered questions like why in the first place these images were said to be from India by the source given below? Was it just for fun or was it sheer ignorance on the part of the creators of these posts, its up to you to decide!

Never knew some of the cities in India looked this beautiful too, really surprised looking at these photos.

Oxford of the East - Pune:

beautiful places (14) 1Khadakwasla.

beautiful places (14) 2Shaniwar Wada.

beautiful places (14)3Mutha River.

beautiful places (14) 4 MIT College.

beautiful places (14) 5 Z Bridge.

beautiful places (14) 6A view from Hanuman hill.

beautiful places (14) 7Deccan Theater.

beautiful places (14) 8Paud Phata.

beautiful places (14) 9Sambhaji Bridge.

And here are a few photos of Mumbai - The Financial Capital.

beautiful places (14) 10Worli Sea Face view.

beautiful places (14) 11 Suburbs.

beautiful places (14) 12 A Night view from Nariman Point.

beautiful places (14) 13 Hiranandi Complex.

beautiful places (14) 14Source: 1, 2.

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