Apr 5, 2008

Artistic Sunflowers.

Artistic Sunflowers.

Recently we received a few photos of 'Sunflowers' which is worth publishing in this blog, sent to us by an anonymous visitor via mail. If you also have something interesting related to art, design, architecture, humor or anything that is interesting then do send us the info, we read every email.
Now let's come back to this post. In our email, we didn't have any details & as on our search for more information we found that it came from National Geographic & its in Hungarian which didn't give us any much info. But seeing these photos of 'Sunflowers', it looks like it's a work of art, least we feel so!

Artistic Sunflowers (8) 1
Artistic Sunflowers (8) 2
Artistic Sunflowers (8) 3
Artistic Sunflowers (8) 4
Artistic Sunflowers (8) 5
Artistic Sunflowers (8) 6
Artistic Sunflowers (8) 8
Artistic Sunflowers (8) 7Source: National Geographic.(Hungarian)

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