Apr 11, 2008

Animals & Loyalty.

These photos speak much louder than words can, & need none to say what they want to convey.

These images display the amazing canine loyalty. This dog stood by his companion after been run over by a car on the street until the traffic came to a near halt.

Animals & Loyalty (21) 1
Animals & Loyalty (21) 2
Animals & Loyalty (21) 3
Animals & Loyalty (21) 4
Loyal till the very end - This canine again makes the old saying true: dogs are man's best friend.

Animals & Loyalty (21) 5
Animals & Loyalty (21) 6(Image source: Unknown)

This little one is having a hard time trying to wake the other bird:

Animals & Loyalty (21) 7
Animals & Loyalty (21) 8
Animals & Loyalty (21) 9
Animals & Loyalty (21) 10(Image source: Unknown)
Update: Luis who is located in Japan & teaches an Introduction to Computers course, made a very interesting statement that changes what we perceived about these little birds:

bird detailsAnd here is the link.

Here are a few more pictures of animals, which we added to this post on purpose as we wanted to close the post on a happy & cheerful note.

Friendship in this one "Friendship in this one" - Is this actually how it happened or is it Photoshopped, either way its just beautiful.

 smart bird who wants to enjoy some ice cream on a sunny dayHere we have smart bird who wants to enjoy some ice cream on a sunny day!

And here is yet another one which is interested in cash. Though this is an old one, but still its quite funny. This is a true story & how the company owner finally found out why the coins are missing & who was doing it. Here is the story: "Bill Dougherty owns a company that manufactures & installs coin operated car wash systems called Magic Wand Inc. These are complete systems, including the moneychanger & money taking machines. Dougherty's company installed a car wash system in Fredericksburg, VA. The problem started when the new owner complained that he was losing significant amounts of money from his coin machines each week. ……………………"
Dougherty couldn't believe that his employees were having any role to play in this & he installed a camera to know what's really happening. And here are the findings!

Missing coins & bird (3) 1
Missing coins & bird (3) 2
 Missing coins & bird (3) 3 Once it was known where the coins were going, over $4000 in quarters on the roof of the car wash & more under a nearby tree were found.

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