Apr 30, 2008

12 Creative Table Designs.

Collection of ‘Creative Tables and Modern Table Designs’ from all over the world.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 1Offside football coffee table: manufactured from solid oak with a stainless steel frame & a glass top to protect the mirrored football pitch underneath.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 2Touch panel coffee table: a one-stop-shop interface to all your home entertainment needs.
These user-friendly interactive multimedia features include integration & interaction with multimedia content, digital camera, IP network cameras, business card readers & many other digital devices.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 3
12 Creative Table Designs (15) 4Play puzzle table: this great looking coffee table comes with a little surprise. It has a slide-puzzle top. By moving surface panels around you can open sixteen hidden storage boxes.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 5
12 Creative Table Designs (15) 6Ping-pong table.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 7Safe bedside table.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 8Fork & spoon table.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 9Coffee table aquarium: It has a unique filter system designed to minimize cleaning.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 10Octagon coffee table aquarium.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 11Another octagon coffee table aquarium.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 12 Another coffee table aquarium.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 13 Aqua end table aquarium.

12 Creative Table Designs (15) 14If you are interested in building an aquarium coffee table, here are the details.

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Fun With Toilet Paper.

Fun With Toilet Paper.

A cool collection of toilet papers, toilet paper holders and some creativity with it.

Cool toilet paper.

Fun With Toilet Paper (11) 1
Fun With Toilet Paper (11) 2
Fun With Toilet Paper (11) 3
Fun With Toilet Paper (11) 4

Fun With Toilet Paper (11) 5Creativity with toilet paper.

Fun With Toilet Paper (11) 6
Toilet paper for the rich: these toilet papers come in four gorgeous colors, which are said to be soft & silky. Apart from this the cost to make it feel special: in gift packages of three for $15 to $20 compared to a regular pack of six wrapped in plastic retails for $ 13 to $ 15.

Fun With Toilet Paper (11) 7Another interesting one.

Fun With Toilet Paper (11) 8With this Sudoku toilet paper all you need to do is to keep a pen on the back of your toilet.

Fun With Toilet Paper (11) 9A great way to get back at some one in a humorous way as this toilet paper is the only toilet paper that will not tear!

Fun With Toilet Paper (11) 10Another one of the cool toilet paper.

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Jeep Vs Tree.

Jeep Vs Tree.

This set of photos reminds of the movie Final Destination. These guys in one of the Jeep went past a fallen tree & a branch actually went through the seat of the driver.

Jeep (9) 1
Jeep (9) 2
Jeep (9) 4
Jeep (9) 3
Jeep (9) 5
This got nothing to do with Jeep or trees, but we found it unusual, check it out.

Jeep (9) 6
Jeep (9) 7
Jeep (9) 8
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Creativity With Post-Its.

Here is a collection ‘Post It Notes Creations’ from around the world.

Creativity With Post-It (14) 1Pixelnotes: wallpaper made out of post-it notes, four layers of varying gray tones were used on a bright primary backing. Apart from this each layer was arranged in a grid format with an adhesive similar to 'post-it' notes.

Creativity With Post-It (14) 2
Creativity With Post-It (14) 310-ft. tall mosaics made entirely from post-it notes. Using more than 2,000 post-it notes, a three-dimensional representation of the famous musician was composed.

Creativity With Post-It (14) 4
Creativity With Post-It (14) 5
Creativity With Post-It (14) 6
Creativity With Post-It (14) 7This office was literally covered in 18,000 post-it notes, which included floor, desks, walls, & pretty much everything else.

Creativity With Post-It (14) 8Here is another office covered in post-it notes.

Creativity With Post-It (14) 9
Creativity With Post-It (14) 10
Creativity With Post-It (14) 11(Image credit: Misocrazy).

Creativity With Post-It (14) 12
Creativity With Post-It (14) 13(Image credit: Bwillen).

Post-It Note Jaguar 16Post-it note Jaguar.

Post-it notes' ElvisPost-it notes' Elvis.

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Painting As A Pastime.

Painting As A Pastime.

These painting are the creations of Sir Winston Churchill. It was in his 40's that he began painting.
'Sir Winston Churchill's life through his paintings' written & researched by David Coombs & Minnie Churchill, has 534 known paintings which have been catalogued into a beautiful book, the book follows his life through his paintings.

Painting (4) 1
Painting (4) 2
Painting (4) 3
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