Mar 1, 2008

12 Creative Staircase Designs.

Now who says staircases can't be creative, artistic or useful other than its basic purpose of climbing up or coming down. If you are among those who thought so, then its time you see this & change your opinion.

Stairs bookcase: If you having short of space in your apartment, then this is an ingenious solution for you.
London-based Levitate Architects who created this states: "creating a new bedroom level and increasing the floor area of the flat by approximately one third." And it turned out to be a perfect the way to access the bedroom & a place to store books. And what more "With a skylight above lighting the staircase, it becomes the perfect place to stop and browse a tome."

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 1
12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 2Impressive staircase: The spiral staircase at Loretto has many stories attached to its construction. Its an impressive staircase with no visible central support, apart from this there was no usage of any nails during its construction. However small radius central spiral functions & acts as a solid support for the staircase.

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 3(Image credit: Wiki).

Slide staircase: Rodney Miller a local craftsman took 15 months to finish this 17 ft mahogany toy of multi-millionaire Scott Jones. This slide also includes fiber-optic lights that can change to 8 different colors.

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 4Hypnosis Staircase:

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 5(Image credit: Thomashawk).

Staircase at Chicago's Museum:

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 6(Image credit: Shutterbri).

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 7(Image credit: Kenilio).
The staircase at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Staircase to sky:

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 8These stairs / ladder have a height of more than 50 meters - Voladores de Papantla.

Stone Staircase:

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 9Stone stairs, inside the castle of "Castellammare del Golfo" (Trapani, Sicily).

Staircase oflove:

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 10These are hand-carved & are over 6,000 stairs up a mountain by a man who was deeply in lovewith his wife.

Glass staircase:

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 11This staircase was designed by structural engineer James O'Callaghan for the Apple Store. It's an engineering & architectural marvel, unique & eye-catching, which just shows the advancement in glass technology that allows its use in more demanding applications.

Steel ribbon staircase:

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 12(Image credit: Iht).
It took about six months to build, weighs 55 tonnes & is constructed in 1¼" hot-rolled steel.

Storage staircase:

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 13Looks like a great replacement to under-stair, each step has its own drawer. They were made by an Australian company, Unicraft Joinery.

Zig Zag staircase:

12 Creative Staircase Designs (15) 14(Image credit: Trendsnow).

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