Mar 29, 2008

Toast Art.

For many of us the moment we think of toast; we think of marmalade or butter on top. But the very same bread in hands of creative people turns out to be work of art. Now this is a unique way to earn your 'bread' & butter.

Toast Art (11) 1
Toast Art (11) 2
Toast Art (11) 3
Toast Art (11) 4
Toast Art (11) 5(Image credit: BBC).

Toast Art (11) 6(Image credit: Toast2art).

Toast Art (11) 7(Image credit: Woostercollective).

Toast Art (11) 8(Image credit: Ananova).

Toast Art (11) 9(Image credit:

Toast Art (11) 10
Toast Art (11) 11(Image credit: Mauricebennett).

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