Mar 9, 2008

Think Of The Power It Can Generate.

These super sized engines are used to power supertankers & other huge vessels. These are generally over four stories high & have pistons larger than some of the small cars. To save time & fuel cost (as it takes a ton to restart these engine) they are run continuously. And for the same reasons they do have the access into the cylinder walls so for overhauling the workers can get inside the engine while it is running. And to keep it safe they take one cylinder offline while keeping the other 5 to 13 cylinders running.

Huge enginesengines over four stories highsuper size enginesengines are used to power supertankersengines have pistons larger than some of the small carsAnd here is another of those but comparatively a smaller one, slow-speed diesel engine that has only 56 cm cylinder bore.

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