Mar 7, 2008

Skin Art.

This is what one can do by sheer presence of mind & will power. Don't get confused, there is no mix up in writing. Then why perhaps are we talking about philosophy in art? Because there is a very strong reason for this: Ariana Page Russell a very special lady who has proved what we stated to be true & each word of it. This lady has a skin condition which even when lightly scratched cause the skin to redden & raised. And she didn't let this pass; instead she turned it into a unique artistic opportunity & uses this condition to create patterns on her skin.

Skin art (11) 1
Skin art (11) 2
Skin art (11) 3
Skin art (11) 4
Skin art (11) 5

And here is skinless art:

Skin art (11) 6
Skin art (11) 7
Skin art (11) 8
Skin art (11) 9
Skin art (11) 10
Skin art (11) 11
Source: 1, 2, 3.

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