Mar 26, 2008

Painted Laptops.

What makes your laptop to look differently from the other guy's laptop? Here are some painted laptops that have used the cover as a little billboard, to stand out artistically from the rest. It depends how you want to use it: for making a statement, or tell a story with words & photos or to increase your company's brand recognition.
Generally automotive paint is used for painting & vendor logo on the lid of the laptop is either removed or filled for getting an even & best surface to paint the designs. Apart from this it also depends upon the choice of your design whether internal parts of the laptop are removed or not. But for sure, these paint jobs will really make you stand out.

Painted Laptops (11) 1
Painted Laptops (11) 2(Image credit: Smoothcreations).

Painted Laptops (11) 3
Painted Laptops (11) 4
Painted Laptops (11) 5
Painted Laptops (11) 6(Image credit: News).

Painted Laptops (11) 7(Image credit: Instructables).

Painted Laptops (11) 8(Image: Credit).

Painted Laptops (11) 9(Image: Credit).

Painted Laptops (11) 10(Image: Credit).

Painted Laptops (11) 11(Image: Credit).

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