Mar 12, 2008

Sweet Kids.

If kids aren't supposed to behave like kids, then whom are they supposed to behave like? They are full of energy, vigor, & joy. At times when they are a bit more than their usual, then for most of the parents it becomes difficult to keep up with them at their pace. Whatever they do, still the parents are willing to do anything for them? After all they are our bundle of joy, tiny stars of our eyes, just for one smile & hug of theirs we can go to any extent to get them what they want. As these are the years they are with us & as the time passes they are going to get busy in their own lives & may be most of them will get too busy making their dreams come true, & in the process we may not be playing any significant role. Least that's what we do, whenever its possible by us, we try to make the best of the time available to us by trying to play with our son.

Kids (11) 1
Kids (11) 2
Kids (11) 3
Kids (11) 4
Kids (11) 5
Kids (11) 6Smart girl, knows to get what she wants & gets it too. Cute kids.

Kids (11) 7Perhaps time for recourse on table manner!

Kids (11) 8
Kids (11) 9This gives a very good reason why kids aren't supposed to run around with sharp objects.

Kids (11) 10Now its only the dog who knows for sure what happened!

Kids (11) 11Lovable.

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