Mar 30, 2008

Mixed Links & Images - 1.

Here is a collection ‘Mixed Links and Images - 1’ from around the world.

interesting clockAn interesting clock.

Your car's drink costs more than your own"Your car's drink costs more than your own" - Just perfect.

car on a islandDid we hear someone saying "photoshopped"!

interesting architecture (4) 1
interesting architecture (4) 2
interesting architecture (4) 3
interesting architecture (4) 4What you got to say about this building; its from Denmark?

Interesting table (3) 1
Interesting table (3) 2
Interesting table (3) 3Now if your date sees this table rest assured to be history!

Tree ASCII Curtain (2) 1
Tree ASCII Curtain (2) 2 Here we have 'Tree ASCII Curtain'.

Creativity minds at work (3) 1
Creativity minds at work (3) 2
Creative minds at work (3) 3Creative minds at work.

occupied toilet (2) 1
occupied toilet (2) 2This is how a toilet can be left occupied.

coal minerA coal miner.

Funny toiletFor sure none is going to use the one which is written "7cm".

 less toilet space
Now this is really less toilet space.

electronic toilet (2) 1
electronic toilet (2) 2Now what we got here; "electronic toilet".

tiny toiletToilet technology is something the Japanese don't take casually, here we have 'tiny toilet'.

A collection of hand-painted toilet seatsA collection of hand-painted toilet seats.

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