Mar 16, 2008

Cool Logistics - Part 2.

Perhaps after seeing these set of images one cant agree more with the saying that "necessity is the mother of invention". In this part of "Cool Logistics" we are having overloaded bikes. This set of images does show how people are trying to manage & overcome the issues despite the circumstances in which they are. These people are trying to make the best of the available space to them for transporting self, their goods & the products. But at times its the situation which demands & safety is left behind.
Don't miss the part one of the "Cool Logistics."

Cool Logistics (18) 1(Image credit: Funpic).

Cool Logistics (18) 2(Image: Credit).

Cool Logistics (18) 3(Image credit: Bikehugger).

Cool Logistics (18) 4(Image: Credit).

Cool Logistics (18) 5(Image: Credit).

Cool Logistics (18) 6(Image credit: Glennoi).

Cool Logistics (18) 7(Image: Credit).

Cool Logistics (18) 8(Image: Credit).

Cool Logistics (18) 9
Cool Logistics (18) 9
Cool Logistics (18) 10(Image: Credit).

Cool Logistics (18) 11(Image: Credit).

Cool Logistics (18) 12(Image: Credit).

Cool Logistics (18) 13(Image: Credit).

Cool Logistics (18) 14(Image: Credit).

Cool Logistics(18) 15(Image: Credit).

Cool Logistics(18) 16(Image: Credit).

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