Mar 7, 2008

Japanese Bamboo Art.

The moment one talks about bamboo art, one thing that comes to mind is 'Asia' - where it has been used since ancient times in paintings, scrolls, pottery, & various other art forms. Though for sometime now, Western artists & craftsmen are recognizing bamboo as a "new" material & are working to bring its artistic & sustainable value to the people.
Here we have some bamboo art by Japanese artists presented by TAI Gallery / Textile Arts which represents over 30 Japanese bamboo artists. Check out their amazing work of art!

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 1This one is created by Minoura -
"Bamboo has a certain tenderness, a breathing quality, when you weave it and pattern it, light passes through it; it is transparent and solid at the same time. It also retains the qualities it has in nature - flexibility and strength."

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 2Created by Yamaguchi.

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 3This one is by Morigami.

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 4Abe created this one.

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 5And this one is by Fujinuma Noboru - "What is art? What is the criteria for art?," he muses. "Not many people in Japan can answer this question clearly. For me, art is not just about the surface. It's something invisible that speaks to the viewer."

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 6This one is by Kawano.

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 7And this is the creation of
Kajiwara - the first & only female bamboo artist to become a full member of the Japan Craft Arts Association.

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 8This one come from Kogyoku - which means "bamboo grove treasure," is Monden's artistic name, given to him when he was 21.

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 9This is Nakatomi's.

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 10
Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 11These are by Kosuge.

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 12
Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 13Kawashima created these.

Japanese Bamboo Art (14) 14This on is by Nagakura - "For me it is very important to use parts of a bamboo plant from above ground and parts from below ground, I like to add bamboo roots to some of my work as a reminder of the dark side of life."

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