Mar 18, 2008

Interesting Bikes.

Why is that the men are so much in love with what they have in between their legs? If we aren't wrong many of these men who have bikes are very keen & are very particular of what they drive, as they feel it an extension of themselves & speaks a lot about their personality. Here we have some bikes, which are going to make anyone who sees them to own it, perhaps if you are biker. But do remember these aren't one of those bikes we see regularly these are something different & special.

Interesting Bikes (9) 1
Interesting Bikes (9) 2(Image: Credit).

Interesting Bikes (9) 3
Interesting Bikes (9) 4
Interesting Bikes (9) 5(Image: Credit).

Interesting Bikes (9) 6
Interesting Bikes (9) 7
Interesting Bikes (9) 8(Image: Credit).

Interesting Bikes (9) 9(Image: Credit).

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