Mar 6, 2008

Houses With A Difference.

Most of the houses are built from usual stuff. But these houses are the ones we don't see regularly; they have something different & unique in each of them. The main material used in their construction is …………

House made from paper.

House made from paper.(Image: Credit).
The Paper House is an actual house made from paper. It was built in 1922 by Mr. Elis F. Stenman, a mechanical engineer, who created building block material purely out of newspaper (about 100,000 newspapers were used). The only wood used in the house was for the frame, floor & roofs. The house was built with electricity & had running water but no bathroom.

Edible house.

Edible house.Home built with 100% living nutrients.

House made from scrap.

House made from scrap (5) 1
House made from scrap (5) 2Standing at over 4300 sq. feet, the awe-inspiring structure is the house made out of scrap. Designed by Single Speed Design, won the firm AIA/BSA Housing Design Award.

Here is another one:

House made from scrap (5) 3
House made from scrap (5) 4This is what you get when you challenge a rockstar team of San Francisco architects, artists, contractors, city officials, & engineers to construct a house using only scrap. This one was constructed by using material from junkyards, spending less than $3,000 on the whole house!

The cardboard house.

The cardboard house. 1
The cardboard house. 2An excellent environmentally sustainable option for housing & being extremely low cost & transportable, these could be used in a wide variety of applications.

House made of straw.

House made of straw (3) 1
House made of straw (3) 2
House made of straw (3) 3Another one of the eco-friendly & recyclable material. Using straw bales a well insulated incredibly sturdy, beautiful house can be created.

House made from bamboo.

House made from bamboo(Image: Credit).
Building material which is up to 50 times stronger than oak yet lighter than steel & concrete, which is flexible & aesthetically pleasing & is highly rated for its green credentials - bamboo.

House made of steel.

House made of steel. 1
House made of steel. 2To be precise 110 tons of steel is been used in the cool design by Robert Bruno, architect for his own house in Texas & the construction took about twenty-three years.

House made of gold.

House made of gold  1
House made of gold 2We aren't sure of this one, as somewhere it doesn't make practical sense. Perhaps can this be the work of photoshop or a palace of some Sheik?

House made of ice.

House made of ice 1
House made of ice 2Microsoft's "Digital House" made completely of ice.

House made of balloon.

House made of balloon. (Image credit: Balloonmanor).

House made from bottles.

House made from bottles 1
House made from bottles. 2What better way can it be to recycle numerous empty bottles than to build a house from it!

House made from cans.

House made from cans 1
House made from cans 2This house is made from cans, certainly living up to the green spirit perhaps.

House made of mud.

House made of mud. (Image: Credit).

House made of glass.

House made of glass. Glass house - any takers for this one!

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