Mar 4, 2008

Greenery Everywhere.

Wont it be cool to have greenery everywhere?

Green cars:

Green Cars (16) 1 Doesn't a car covered by grass fascinate!

Green roofs:

Green Roofs (21)  14Green roofs add natural beauty to a landscape that is increasingly dominated by concrete & pavement. And what's the purpose of having an regular roof that provides no ecological, economic, or aesthetic benefits. The plants absorb CO2 & provide a haven to insects & birds. They provide cooling in summer & insulate the building by absorbing rainwater in winter. On a hot summer day the surface temperature of a green roof can be cooler than the air temperature. Apart from this it also provide a wide range of public & private benefits.

Vertical garden:

Vertical garden
A summerhouse in the shape of an excavator:

A summerhouse in the shape of an excavatorDesign studio Meesters & Van der Park Design created a summerhouse in the shape of a life-sized excavator, covered with green climbing plants & has a seating space for four people.

Some cool things to grow plants in:

Greenery On Keyboard.

 Greenery On KeyboardHow about growing some greenery on your keyboard?

Growing  plants in carGrowing plants in car.

Plant growing in PCPlant growing in PC.

Wall panel indoor planter:

Wall panel indoor planter
Roman Colosseum planter:

Roman Colosseum planter:
Vermicondo composting concept:

Vermicondo composting conceptSomething for people who stay in condo & apartment.

Gardening bench:

Gardening bench

Lawn chair:

Lawn chair

Greenery EverywhereAnd what about this one?

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