Mar 10, 2008

Can You Make It Through These Russian Roads!

This is Russian Federal Highway Moscow city - Yakutsk City, named "Lena". Though it's a vital highway, every time it rains the road is in this state. People are stuck for days with no food & warm cloths.

Russian Federal Highway 2
Russian Federal Highway 3
Russian Federal Highway 9
Russian Federal Highway 11
Russian Federal Highway 12
Now when people have these sought of conditions to cope up with, then there are certain services also available to help them out: "An On-Ground Ferry" in some parts of Russia. As these roads are to muddy for the regular cars to make through, hence you have these 'four wheel drive trucks' which takes care of the people along with their cars & transports them to the drivable road.

transports cars through mud (5) 1
transports cars through mud (5) 2
transports cars through mud (5) 3
transports cars through mud (5) 4
And if you don't want to opt for these services then you need to have one of these cars specially designed for such roads.

Cars designed to run in mud (7) 1
Cars designed to run in mud (7) 2
Cars designed to run in mud (7) 3
Cars designed to run in mud (7) 4
Cars designed to run in mud (7) 5
Cars designed to run in mud (7) 6
Just in case if you think one can make it out with the regular car, this might be helpful.

truck stuck in mud (5) 1
truck stuck in mud (5) 2
truck stuck in mud (5) 3
truck stuck in mud (5) 4
truck stuck in mud (5) 5
truck stuck in mud (5) 6
truck stuck in mud (5) 7
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