Mar 20, 2008

Creative and Clever Bus Stop Advertisements.

Collection of ‘Creative and Clever Bus Stop Advertisements’ from all over the world.

Creative and Clever Bus Stop Advertisements (6) 1A really cool one which says "Personalize your post." This reminds us of a case study during our masters in business administration. Though it's a very long one, we will give a shorter version of it: What to do during peak hours in a shopping complex which is mainly visited by women & there is rush & queue near the elevator leading to reduction in sales. Some things to be considered: no changes can be made to the building or the structure to increase the number of elevators & all the other stuff. You need to find a solution with the existing model without any expense.
And the solution would be install mirrors on the walls near the elevators, which will give something for the women to be preoccupied with & make the things smoother!

Creative and Clever Bus Stop Advertisements (6) 2Don't think you would like this one?

Creative and Clever Bus Advertisements Stop(6) 3Playstation 2: Bus stop features boards with bubble wrap.

Creative and Clever Bus Stop Advertisements (6) 4Perhaps this ad is using the sense of touch!

Creative and Clever Bus Stop Advertisements (6) 5A clever idea: an outdoor ad, the inner side of the installation is exposed to show the fluorescent tubes that look like lightsabers.

Creative and Clever Bus Stop Advertisements (6) 6A cool one:"Is invisibility possible? Invent your future with a career in science."
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