Mar 10, 2008

12 Most Amazing Illusions.

Collection of ‘Most Amazing Illusions’ from all over the world.

1. Design Interior: Optical Illusions In Reality:

Design Interior: Optical Illusions In Reality (2) 1
Design Interior: Optical Illusions In Reality (2) 2Here optical illusions are integrated in interior designs. Its really quite a nice idea to do this. The visitors who aren't standing in the proper angle won't have a clue about the concept. They wont be able to make out what these lines & curves on the walls are for. This way you can choose whom to share this little secret with.

2. Illusions Of Faces:

illusionIf you watch the above images from your seat in front of the computer, Mr. Angry is on the left, and Mrs. Calm is on the right. Get up from your seat, & move back. They switch places! This illusion was created by Dr. Aude Oliva & Philippe G. Schyns, MIT.

Here is another piece of work created by Dr. Aude Oliva (Ph.D. Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT) & Dr. Antonio Torralba (Ph.D. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory). Again if you watch the above images while seated in front of the computer, you might think that these people are not happy. Now get up from your seat & walk a few paces & you will be astonished to see the change in their expressions. Both the images are a great piece of work & we think none others were able to generate anything this similar in Photoshop.

3. Elevator Floor Illusion:

Elevator Floor Illusion (3) 1
Elevator Floor Illusion (3) 2
Elevator Floor Illusion (3) 3There is a sign at the entrance telling everyone who goes in, about the work in progress in the elevator. Actually, the floor of this elevator has been painted with an illusion to make people feel there is no floor.

4. Shadow Illusions.

Shadow Illusions (2) 1
Shadow Illusions (2) 2A series of shadow illusions from Panther House shows that sometimes what the eye perceives is not the entire truth.

5. Optical Illusion With Trucks.

Trucks painted with optical illusion art.

6. Cool Magazine Illusions.

Cool Magazine Illusions (2) 1
Cool Magazine Illusions (2) 1Though it looks simple how these illusions are been created; what matters the most is the angling & the idea, which changes the whole perception of a regular photo into an amazing illusion just by using simple things. And if you look carefully at the amazing details being taken care of for creating these illusions, you will notice the face shapes of the people & the actual magazine covers are also been matched.

7. Anamorphic Illusion Of Cardiff Bay.

IllusionSwiss artist Felice Varini & his team created this anamorphic illusion of three ellipses for 3 Locks at Cardiff Bay, UK. era.

8. Matchbox Illusion.

Matchbox Illusion (2) 1
Matchbox Illusion (2) 2These match boxes & now these cards can be viewed upside down or right side up or may be the other way around, either way a face appears. Noses become forehead creases, mustaches become sweet little curls on a girl's head.

9. Illusion With Bus.

Cool Bus 1
Cool Bus 2This bus was specially painted with an ad for television program of National Geographic Channel. Here the artists have shown their talent beautifully by using the doors of the bus. When the person enters & the doors are closed, it looks as if the shark has opened its mouth & the guy is secured in its tummy.

10. Cool Counter Illusions.

Cool Counter Illusions 1Interesting counter illusions, which no doubt will confuse anyone at the first glance.

11. Face Illusions Around Us.

Face Illusions Around Us (6) 3
Face Illusions Around Us (6) 4Has this ever happened to you!

12. Illusion With Money.

Illusion created using banknotes (11) 6
Illusion created using banknotes (11) 7Illusions created using banknotes.

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