Feb 9, 2008

Working Without Proper Tools.

Given a choice who among these men would you choose to be best suited to get the number one place for working without proper tools, who would your pick be? These pictures make the theme very much clear, on the other hand, if one has to think, can it be said these men are more of an 'expert' who are capable of making things workout even when they aren't provided with the required tools of trade!

Maker of the covers. Makers of the covers.




Construction superintendentConstruction superintendent.

Machine tool workerMachine tool worker.


Luggage transportation at the airport.Luggage transportation at the airport.

Air conditioner installer.Air conditioner installer.

Car mechanic.Car mechanic.

The driver of this vehicle.The driver of this vehicle.



Aviation engineerAviation engineer.


Again an electricianAgain an electrician.

And finally the soldierAnd finally the soldier who is a sitting duck out there.

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