Feb 11, 2008

What Would You Do If Your Car Gets Into These Conditions.

We have made tremendous progress in various fields, but still when things come to a stop due to reasons or causes beyond our reach?
What would you do if your car gets held in mud or sand or for that matter in snow or in water? It wouldn't make much of a difference at times. Whether its a car, or jeep or for that matter a truck with the best of engineering, it wont come out of these situations easily. Though its understandable that four-wheel drives & bigger vehicles have a better chance of overcoming from such issues but that's not always. We do have a few images of four-wheel drives too having a rough time.
Check out these cars, jeeps, & trucks giving their best in water, snow, mud & sand.

Vehicles in water:

Vehicles in water (11) 1(Image credit: durakdurakom).

Vehicles in water (11) 2(Image credit: Time).

Vehicles in water (11) 3(Image credit: Breaktaker).

Vehicles in water (11) 4(Image credit: Provostnews).

Vehicles in water (11) 5(Image credit: Mah.gov.).

Vehicles in water (11) 6(Image credit: 4wheeloffroad).

Vehicles in water (11) 7(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in water (11) 8(Image credit: Opusnet).

Vehicles in water (11) 9(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in water (11) 10(Image credit: Credit).

Vehicles in water (11) 11(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in snow:

Vehicles in snow (9) 1(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in snow (9) 2(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in snow (9) 3(Image credit: Queensburyvillage).

Vehicles in snow (9) 4(Image credit: Patrickburleson).

Vehicles in snow (9) 5(Image credit: Gleek).

Vehicles in snow (9) 6(Image credit: Yowusa).

Vehicles in snow (9) 7(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in snow (9) 8(Image credit: Brandi).

Vehicles in snow (9) 9(Image credit: Wintercenter).

Vehicles in mud:

Vehicles in mud (11) 1(Image credit: Carstuck).

Vehicles in mud (11) 2(Image credit: Hummer).

Vehicles in mud (11) 3(Image credit: I.ehow).

Vehicles in mud (11) 4(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in mud (11) 5(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in mud (11) 6(Image credit: Serendipityadventures).

Vehicles in mud (11) 7(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in mud (11) 8(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in mud (11) 9(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in sand:

Vehicles in sand (5) 1(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in sand (5) 2(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in sand (5) 3(Image: Credit).

Vehicles in sand (5) 4(Image credit: Aminus).

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