Feb 9, 2008

Tinfoil Art.

This is what might happen if you leave your desk for a few hours with your creative colleagues who have some extra time to spare on their hands & lots of energy & zeal to express their creativity. What they would need is a tinfoil (costs a few dollars) & a few hours (zealous energy) which they should be willing to invest to redecorate your cubicle / office. Just don't be astonished to find your laptop / system, table, chair, phone or the whole office wrapped up in tinfoil, just think of what may happen if you go for a vacation for a couple of day!

Tinfoil Art (21) 1

Tinfoil Art (21) 2

Tinfoil Art (21) 3

Tinfoil Art (21) 4
The pictures don't do it justice... We wrapped it all -- his phone, the mirror, his headphones, his hat, the action figures, the papers on his desk. We started around 3pm Wednesday afternoon and spent 3-4 hours wrapping. Then on Thursday we spent the entire day finishing it up.
And here are the complete set of images of this designer cubicle.

Some more:

Tinfoil Art (21) 5

Tinfoil Art (21) 6

Tinfoil Art (21) 7

Tinfoil Art (21) 8

Tinfoil Art (21) 9

Tinfoil Art (21) 10

Tinfoil Art (21) 11

Tinfoil Art (21) 12

Tinfoil Art (21) 13

Tinfoil Art (21) 14

Tinfoil Art (21) 15(Image: Credit).

Tinfoil Art (21) 16(Image: Credit).

Tinfoil Art (21) 17(Image credit: Lattimore).

Tinfoil hat:

Tinfoil Art (21) 18(Image credit: Lugradio).

Tinfoil hat(Image credit: Gwally).

Here we have a tinfoil suit:

 tinfoil suit(Image: Credit).

Someone were suggesting of a tinfoil hat & here we have a house with its tinfoil roof:

 tin roil roof(Image credit: Sugarmtnfarm).

Forget the tinfoil roof, here we have a tinfoil room:

tinfoil room(Image: Credit).

Tinfoil Art (21) 21(Image credit: Today.slac.stanford.edu).
Though this is not a part of any joke, its really a part of science experiment using aluminum f to develop ultra-high vacuum & there is no such thing that physicists seem to like more than a aluminum. But it looked just great & worthy to be a part of this.

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