Feb 21, 2008

Stealth Ships.

Collection of ‘Stealth Ships’ from all over the world.

Sea Shadow.

Sea Shadow Stealth Ship (6) 1Sea Shadow is an experimental stealth ship built by Lockheed for the United States Navy.

Sea Shadow Stealth Ship (6) 2

Sea Shadow Stealth Ship (6) 3

Sea Shadow Stealth Ship (6) 4

Sea Shadow Stealth Ship (6) 5(Image credit: Fas).
Though the program was begun in the mid-1980s but it was only in 1993-1994, the craft was revealed to the public.
It has only 12 bunks aboard & max it can take 24 at once to sea, it doesn't have much room for a large crew. Measuring a bit over 160-feet-long it has one small microwave oven, a refrigerator & table.


Visby Stealth ship (Image credit: Kockums).
Designed to elude radar detection, acoustic detection, infrared detection & visual detection, it was the first stealth ship to enter service. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is used to construct its surface.

M80 Stiletto.

M80 Stiletto Stealth ship (5) 1A prototype naval ship manufactured by the M Ship Company as an experiment for the Pentagon's Office of Force Transformation.

M80 Stiletto Stealth ship (5) 2

M80 Stiletto Stealth ship (5) 3

M80 Stiletto Stealth ship (5) 4

M80 Stiletto Stealth ship (5) 5
The Stiletto, a Twin M hull vessel, is 80 ft in length providing a rectangular area equivalent to a conventional displacement craft 160 ft in length. The vessel's draft fully loaded is 3 ft and is designed for a speed of 50-60 kts. Its superior performance is based on M Ship Co.'s proprietary, globally patented technology, recapturing the bow wave using its energy to create an air cushion for more efficient planning.
DD-21 Zumwalt.

DD-21 ZumwaltStealth ship (2) 1

DD-21 ZumwaltStealth ship (2) 2(Image credit: Fas).

Sea Jet.

Sea Jet Stealth ship (4) 1(Image credit: Marinelink).
Sea Jet, with a length of more than 133-foot & a full load displacement of 120 tons [239,000 pounds] houses a Rolls Royce Naval Marine advanced water jet propulsion system, the AWJ-21, which improves surface ship efficiency & maneuverability by reducing noise & wake.

Sea Jet Stealth ship (4) 2

Sea Jet Stealth ship (4) 3
The AESD hull form is based on the 5565 tumble-home hull tested early in the DD(X) program.
It was built by Dakota Industries Inc., Anacortes, Washington in modules, which were then assembled in Idaho.
An underwater discharge water jet from Rolls-Royce Naval Marine, Inc., called AWJ-21, will be among the first technologies tested. It allows vessels to operate in shallow water with increased maneuverability and stealth.
Rolls-Royce also took the role of prime contractor for ship construction and system integration of the diesel/battery electric drive propulsion system.
Sea Jet Stealth ship (4) 4(Image credit: Globalsecurity).


CHARC Stealth ship
It is tall enough to withstand high sea states, yet foldable so it can be taken aboard mother ships and can operate in very shallow waters," explains a spokesman for the Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems & Sensors division, which is based in Moorestown, N.J.
The roughly 36-ft.-long craft would ride on a pair of buoyant pods. With the pods drawn inward, CHARC would sit about 14 ft. above the waterline. CHARC could avoid visual, radar and infrared detection as its water jet propulsion system speeds it along at 60 knots.
DDG 1000.

DDG 1000 Stealth ship The currently developed under DD(X) - is the US version of a stealth ship.

Skjold class patrol boats.

Skjold class patrol boatsA new class of super fast, large stealth craft, the Skjold class patrol boats. This design is completely Norwegian, and they are built at the Umoe Mandal yard.


Sealion Stealth ship Its hull form design can enhance the sea keeping capability of future small combatant craft.

It's a Navy Seals boat.

Navy Seals boat(Image: Credit).

It's a stealth look alike, which has lots of windows, perhaps a rich & famous prized possession.

stealth look alike (3) 1(Image credit: Wally).

stealth look alike (3) 2(Image: Credit).

stealth look alike (3) 3(Image: Credit).

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