Feb 22, 2008

Colorful Vegetables & Fruits.

Scientists have been developing amazing variants of vegetables & fruits which are said to taste the same as the normal varieties, but in return make our food more colorful.

Colorful Vegetables & Fruits
Consumers are looking forever new experiences on their dinner plates and color features very large in their desire for different things.
While traditionalists may not like the unusual colors, it is not the first time that plant growers have changed the appearance of vegetables.
Until the 17th century most carrots eaten in Europe were white, yellow or purple. The orange pigment was added by Dutch plant growers looking for a way to celebrate Holland's royal family.
Sweet potatoes:

Okinawa sweet potatoes, Garnett sweet potato, also known as the Purple Yam(Image: Credit).
These stay the same color when cooked, the skin is light in color, when cut it reveals pink to lavender to purple inside. These are Okinawa sweet potatoes, Garnett sweet potato, also known as the Purple Yam, Beauregard sweet potato or Louisiana sweet potato.

Red potatoes, all red potatoes, all blue potatoes, purple potatoes:

Red potatoes, all red potatoes, all blue potatoes, purple potatoesRed potatoes have more sugar & less starch. All red potatoes have beautiful red skins & are pink inside. Purple potatoes (Blue Potatoes or Delta Blues) truly are naturally purple! All blue potatoes are similar to the Purple Potatoes & have the very same powerful antioxidant that gives blueberries their brilliant color.

Red bananaRed banana.

Pink bananaPink banana.

beautiful ornamental peppers (4) 1
beautiful ornamental peppers (4) 2
beautiful ornamental peppers (4) 3
beautiful ornamental peppers (4) 4These beautiful ornamental peppers were grown by Lucinda. She says ornamental peppers are edible but do remember that they are just very hot. And according to what she has read: 'they don't have much of flavor other than the heat.' Its up to you to decide you want to eat it or not but one thing for sure these look just great preserved in a jar of oil in your kitchen!

Black radishBlack radish.

Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon:

Mountain Sweet Yellow WatermelonLong, 20-35 pound fruits.

oranges B1ood oranges.


White asparagusWhite asparagus.

Banana legsBanana legs - a unique yellow paste tomato.

Black tomatoesBlack tomatoes smooth & somewhat elongated with a pointed tip.

White tomatoesWhite tomatoes - a wonderful ivory-colored cherry tomato about 1 inch in diameter & ivory-white deepening to pale yellow.

White / yellow plumsWhite / yellow plums.

White pumpkinsWhite pumpkins.

Red okraRed okra.

White eggplantWhite eggplant.

Pink flour cornPink flour corn.

carrots with pigments that reflect almost all colors "Photo compliments of USDA Agricultural Research Service, where researchers have selectively grown carrots with pigments that reflect almost all colors. More importantly, though, they're very good for your health. Photo by Stephen Ausmus."

purple carrots
These purple carrots retain their orange-colored center.

Red & purple garlicRed & purple garlic.

Blue beansBlue beans.


Gold KiwifruitGold Kiwifruit.


Lemon cucumbersLemon cucumbers - a bit sweeter than normal cucumbers.

Red pineappleRed pineapple.

Colorful chardColorful chard -white, red, pink, yellow stems & savored green leaves.

 More chard. More chard.

Purple BroccoliPurple Broccoli.

Broccoli whiteBroccoli white.

Red spinachRed spinach - orach is an older variety of spinach & is great for salads.

Black mintBlack mint.

We know this doesn't constitute a part of this post, then again we didn't find anything much better where this can mix in.

Black riceBlack rice - legends state that this ancient grain was once eaten exclusively by the Emperors. Its prized for its delicious nutty taste, soft texture, & beautiful rich deep purple color.

Red riceRed rice.

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