Feb 22, 2008

Pipe Art.

Ventilation Pipe Art: When one can transform the ventilation pipes into the work of art, then why leaving it plain!

Ventilation Pipe Art (4) 1This one comes from the North Carolina State University Campus by artist Loki.

Ventilation Pipe Art (4) 2Its on the roof level of Helsinki-Vantaa airport's parking house.

Ventilation Pipe Art (4) 3

Ventilation Pipe Art (4) 4These ventilation pipes in Alexander Elementary were been transformed into art by the students of art class.

 Pipe Art (7) 1(Image credit: Loewenherz).
Centre national d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou - Beaubourg Museum. Air conditioning ducts are blue; water pipes are green; electricity lines are yellow, escalators & elevators are red. Apart from this, the white ducts are ventilation for the underground areas. These are color-coded according to function & this colored external piping is the special feature of the building that gives it an uncluttered internal space for the display of art works.

 Pipe Art (7) 2(Image credit: Janetbultitude).

 Pipe Art (7) 3(Image credit: Angela).

 Pipe Art (7) 4(Image: Credit).

 Pipe Art (7) 5(Image credit: Neil Schwanitz).
This sculpture is created using the exhaust pipe from old aircraft.

Here we have the glass pipe art.

 Pipe Art (7) 6(Image credit: Blog.wired).

 Pipe Art (7) 7And this is an exhausted Pipe Spider created by artist Lani Andrews - Loveland, Colorado.

 Pipe Art (7) 8(Image credit: Talaie).

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