Feb 28, 2008

Now Who Wouldn't Like These Houses.

Each of these houses has something unique & interesting in them that makes anyone like them.

Organic House:

Organic House (2) 1
Organic House (2) 2This is a low impact woodland family house of Moabi in Wales. It was built by Moabi, & his father-in-law with the help from passers by & visiting friends. It took about 4 months, about 1000-1500 man-hours & £3000 to create it.

Narrow Houses:

Narrow House in Madre de Deus, Brazil (3) 1
Narrow House in Madre de Deus, Brazil (3) 2
Narrow House in Madre de Deus, Brazil (3) 3This is a one-meter wide by ten-meter tall house in Madre de Deus, Brazil, the designer & the owner is 'Helenita'. It has three floors; 3 bedrooms with washrooms, 2 rooms, kitchen, & a veranda.

Narrow house in tokyo (2) 1
Narrow house in tokyo (2) 2And this one is in Tokyo (an area of 71.4 meters).

Narrow house in ItalyThis is from Italy.

Tree Houses:

All of us in our childhood have built tree houses but what we have here is something more than what we must have thought back then.

One of the largest wooden tree houses in world.

One of the largest wooden tree houses in world
Sprit Spheres Tree House:

Sprit Spheres Tree House (6) 1
Sprit Spheres Tree House (6) 2
Sprit Spheres Tree House (6) 3
Sprit Spheres Tree House (6) 4
Sprit Spheres Tree House (6) 5These Spheres can be attached to the trees or from any other solid objects like buildings or rock faces.

4 Tree house:

4 Tree house (2) 1
4 Tree house (2) 2To form a structural foundation for this tree house, a swing was attached from the four trees. And it resulted in a delicate balance between swaying trees & the slat wall enclosure.

This tree house is from Germany.

tree house from Germany (3) 1
tree house from Germany (3) 2
tree house from Germany (3) 3
O2 Treehouse.

O2 Treehouse (3) 1
O2 Treehouse (3) 2
O2 Treehouse (3) 3

Houses With Magnificent View.

Its something like from fairyland or rather these houses are like a dream come true. Many of us want to have a vacation home or place where we can forget & get away from the daily rush of our lives. And these houses, their perfect location amidst nature, with their beautiful view are the perfect place where one can feel at home away from the population & the skyscrapers of the cities.

Houses With Magnificent View (3) 1

Houses With Magnificent View (3) 2

Houses With Magnificent View (3) 3
And here are the rest.

Some more with beautiful water view:

 House with beautiful water view (4) 1
House with beautiful water view (4) 2
House with beautiful water view (4) 3
House with beautiful water view (4) 4
One Log House:

One Log House (2) 1
One Log House (2) 2The Famous One Log House was created from a log which weighed 42 tons, took two men & 8 months of hard work to hollow out a room 7 feet high (2 m) & 32 feet long (10 m). The single log came from a 2100 year old redwood tree, which now is a tourist attraction located in Northern California. It has a kitchen, bedroom, living room, & dining room.

Martin House-To-Go:

Martin House-To-Go (2) 1
Martin House-To-Go (2) 2It's a portable, affordable, tiny house that can be easily moved from place to place on a trailer. All you need to do if you don't want to move it is just remove it from the trailer & put on a foundation.

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