Feb 12, 2008

Mobile Toilet.

Here we have some mobile toilets, some are cool & some aren't that cool. Some are just regular stuff but still will help you out & some are with a touch of luxury. See for yourself.

Mobile Toilet (21)  1
Mobile Toilet (21)  2
Mobile Toilet (21)  3
These mobile toilet units has various options to choose from, like for small events or for large events & each unit as per its size can accommodate up to certain predetermined number of users.

Mobile Toilet (21)  4Apart from these you can get even the shower units which have shower cubicles with private changing & drying areas.

Mobile Toilet (21)  5

Mobile Toilet (21) 6(Image: Credit).

Mobile Toilet (21) 7 (Image credit: Oxfordmarquees).

Mostly all the units require a level site & a standard 240 Volt power supply. Generally standard toilets are fully self-contained, uses electricity & do not require water supply or drainage. But the shower units require a cold water mains supply.

Mobile Toilet (21) 8 (Image credit: Chooseyourexperience).

And here are some with a touch of luxury.

Mobile Toilet (21) 9(Image credit: Luxurytoilet).

Mobile Toilet (21) 10(Image credit: Conveniencecompany).

Mobile Toilet (21) 11 (Image credit: Igloos).

Here we have a mobile toilet from Russia.

Mobile Toilet (21) 12
Mobile Toilet (21) 13
Mobile Toilet (21) 14
Mobile Toilet (21) 15
Mobile Toilet (21) 16This mobile toilet needs water mains supply & adequate drainage & isn't self-contained.

Here we have mobile toilets from Asia:

Mobile Toilet (21) 17(Image: Credit).

Mobile Toilet (21) 18 (Image: Credit).

Mobile Toilet (21) 19(Image: Credit).

Mobile Toilet (21) 20(Image: Credit).

Mobile toilet in true sense!

Mobile Toilet (21) 21

We really missed out this one & are really thankful to our reader who rightly pointed it out to us without which this post wasn't complete.

 Extra-wide door Extra-wide door & gently sloping ramp.

friendly toilet

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