Feb 26, 2008

Ketchup Art.

Want to give a try being a ketchup artist? All you need is ketchup & plates as canvas & a little touch of creativity. And the best part of it is you can create it at restaurants while waiting or if you didn't like the food served. Perhaps this is something really cool, you can play with the food & eat it too.
What are you waiting for? Take your ketchup & get creative.

Ketchup Art (21)  1
Ketchup Art (21)  2
Ketchup Art (21)  3
Ketchup Art (21)  4
Ketchup Art (21)  5(Image: Haha).

Ketchup Art (21)  6She is an artist!

Ketchup Art (21)  7(Image: Credit).

Ketchup Art (21)  8(Image: Credit).

Ketchup Art (21)  9Created by Anchalee.

Ketchup Art (21)  10(Image credit: Danconley).

Ketchup Art (21)  11(Image: Credit).

Ketchup Art (21)  12(Image: Credit).

Ketchup Art (21)  13(Image credit: Adhamz).

Ketchup art car
Ketchup art car 2Ketchup art car.

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