Feb 29, 2008

Just In Case If You Want To Look Different.

Custom Lenses: If you are among those who wish to look different, then perhaps there is something interesting here for you, 'Custom lens'. These are the special effect contact lenses that are mostly used by filmmakers & are hand painted.
These should cost you somewhere about $ 150 a pair onwards.

Custom LensesDental Tattoos: If you are interested then you may go in for dental tattoos. These are custom-made hand painted tooth tattoos (crowns). If you are interested then you may even opt for gold crowns as well. Once you get your crown with your artwork done on it, just visit your dentist & get it fixed.

Dental Tattoos (4) 1
Dental Tattoos (4) 2
Dental Tattoos (4) 3
Dental Tattoos (4) 4Teeth Jewelry: And if you think tattooing is too much to go for, then you may very well opt for teeth jewelry. Designed specifically for dental use are the glass crystals, real 18k white gold & 24k or 22k yellow gold jewels. Due to its special coating on the back & their facet cut, it reflects the light & makes it sparkle like a diamond.

Teeth Jewelry
If you want some thing still louder then this is for you:

dental jewels
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