Feb 4, 2008

It Only Happens In India.

A few images which suggests that 'it only happens in India'.

It Only Happens In India (21) 1
It Only Happens In India (21) 2Game been played in a hostel.

It Only Happens In India (21) 3Transporting hay.

It Only Happens In India (21) 4A group photograph taken in college.

It Only Happens In India (21) 5Partly truck & partly train.

Ferrari in traffic in Delhi capital of India. (Image: Credit).
Ferrari in a traffic jam in Delhi, the capital of India.

A no parking sign board (Image: Credit).
A no parking sign board & in the background we see a government car of a senior police officer parked.

necessary repairs on power lines(Image: Credit).
Its not about the cat! This is how necessary repairs on power lines are done, without any modern tools or safety gear.

A typical working schedule(Image: Credit).
A typical working schedule.

Just do it

toothpaste ad

master card logo

coco cola ad

IBM & apples funny(Thanks Rajdeep for sending the images).

An interesting advertising technique used by Pioneer for their product in Indian market.

Pioneer ad (3) 1

Pioneer ad (3) 2

Pioneer ad (3) 3

Traffic condition or rather should we say traffic sense. It is a video of traffic at an intersection in the city of Hyderabad, southern part of India.

<a href="//www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtIXw3aCaJs">Watch the "Traffic condition" Video on Youtube</a>

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