Feb 23, 2008

Intriguing Business Names.

Intriguing Business Names.

Can this be intentional, by giving such a peculiar business name, the managements of these establishments wanted to make a mark difference & get noticed? Or can this be unintentional? Whatever it is, but for sure it makes the people laugh whenever one comes across such business names. Don't you think so?

Business Names (11) 1(Image credit: Jansenmann).

Business Names (11) 2(Image credit: Stovak).

Business Names (11) 3(Image credit: Mshades).

Business Names (11) 4(Image credit: Butlerwebs).

Business Names (11) 5(Image credit: Collegehumor).

Business Names (11) 6(Image: Credit).

Business Names (11) 7(Image credit: Randomfactor).

Business Names (11) 8(Image credit: Djwudi).

Business Names (11) 9(Image: Credit).

Business Names (11) 10(Image credit: Megandavid).

Business Names (11) 11(Image: Credit).

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