Feb 27, 2008

How Do You Wish To Look!

One doesn't need to be an expert to know that 90% of women get cellulite at some point in their lives & its not supposed to be mistaken for obesity as it can also take place in thin & lean women.

 cellulite issue in women (9) 1
 cellulite issue in women (9) 2
 cellulite issue in women (9) 3
 cellulite issue in women (9) 4
 cellulite issue in women (9) 5
 cellulite issue in women (9) 6
 cellulite issue in women (9) 7
 cellulite issue in women (9) 8
 cellulite issue in women (9) 9(Image credit: Feels).

Then again if you are among those who are thinking of going in for some heavy body building then here is something for you!

Body building (6) 1At one point of time, we wondered whether these are real? Later we knew 'his name is Vince Cobber ...did when the Olympic gold medal in body building.' Is this huge mass appealing to you?

Then thinking of body building, how can we overlook Stallone, see his hands:

Body building (6) 2
Body building (6) 3
Body building (6) 4
Body building (6) 5
Body building (6) 6
And here is something if you are thinking of dieting:

Thin model(Image: Credit).
So the best plan of action would be to make changes in your life style. A high stress lifestyle can create many other issues too. If you are overweight then perhaps the best thing you can do is to decrease excess body fat, eat fewer calories & exercise more. An exercise routine that combines aerobic exercise with strength training is something that can bring some improvement.

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